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What is the Best Time of Day to Exercise?

Evan Loring

Currently a senior manager at Congruity, Evan Loring spent many years in athletics, first as a football player and coach at the University of New Hampshire, then as an assistant with the Harvard football program. In his free time, Evan Loring enjoys staying in shape by playing basketball, football, and lifting weights.

While everyone has a different preference on the time of day to work out, is one time of day better for a more effective workout? Some say in the morning before breakfast is best for higher amounts of fat burning. Others say training in the afternoon or evening makes more sense because typically trainers are feeling stronger.

However, the reality is a bit more complicated. Research shows that the best time of day for exercise depends on the person, as well as his or her goals and type of exercise. For those who are focusing on weight training, the early evening is when individual strength is at its highest, while those who are engaging in low-intensity exercise can work out any time of the day. Those engaging in cardio will find they burn more fat in the morning before breakfast.


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