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SCCA's Starting Line School

Evan Loring

A graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Evan Loring manages annual budgets for large corporations in the information technology sector as a senior manager at Congruity. An auto racing enthusiast, Evan Loring holds membership in the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA).

SCCA hosts amateur autocross, rallycross and road racing events throughout the United States and in doing so, offers training courses to prospective drivers. The member organization partners with tire retailer Tire Rack to provide entry into performance driving through its Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line program, which features full-day schooling for rallycross, track, and autocross.
Membership in each school includes SCCA Tire Rack Championship Tour and regional event entries, magazine subscriptions, and an invite to Track Night in America. Each offers professional in-car training from revered instructors in the specific racing class. In autocross, for example, registrants focus on the dynamics of their particular vehicle in a racing setting, while rallycross registrants receive specialized lessons for driving through mud, dirt, and snow.

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