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Florence and the Machine - Evolving From Drum Kit to 7-Piece Band

Evan Loring

Evan Loring is a longtime Massachusetts resident who engages with Congruity in assessing IT support and maintenance costs for major corporate clients. A rock fan, Evan Loring enjoys classic bands of the 1990s such as Pearl Jam, as well as acts such as Cold War Kids and Florence and the Machine.

From England, the latter band is led by Florence Welch, who came from a musical family and famously had her breakthrough at Soho Revue Bar when she belted out a song by blues great Etta James to the host of the event, Mairead Nash. This led to Welch being offered an opening gig for Nash’s DJ act Queens of Noize in 2006.

The name Florence and the Machine reflects the original configuration of the band, which paired Welch with Isabella "Machine" Summers and a drum machine. By 2007, the minimalist configuration had given way to a seven-piece band that recorded the debut album Lungs, which achieved the number one spot on the UK charts. In the past decade, Florence and the Machine have achieved major success on the back of hits such as Shake It Out and Kiss with a Fist, with Welch also appearing on Calvin Harris’ 2012 pop crossover Sweet Nothing.


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