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Enterprises Transition to All-Flash Storage and Data Centers.

Based in Pembroke, Massachusetts, Evan Loring holds leadership responsibilities with the technology consulting firm Congruity. His experience includes providing large corporations with budget conscious data storage and virtualization solutions. Evan Loring has a particular interest in developments in all-flash storage and data centers.

In 2015, HP announced the launch of an innovative all-flash data center, which underlined a trend away from hard drives to solid state drive (SSD) alternatives. In an associated white paper, HP asserted that costs had decreased and storage capacities increased to such a point where SSD could now be considered feasible as a primary storage medium.

A major driver of this trend is increased storage demand coupled with an array of new offerings from startup storage venders that are supplanting the roles of traditional storage providers. The next generation drive-based arrays have flash memory that does away with the complex storage tier requirements of legacy systems. Efficiency is enhanced by factors such as compression, thin provisioning, and deduplication, which do not significantly impact performance.


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