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Basic Guidelines for Creating a Beginner Weightlifting Program

Evan Loring

Prior to becoming senior manager at Congruity, an IT support service provider outside of Boston, Evan Loring served as a receivers coach for the Harvard University football team. When not working, Evan Loring keeps fit by playing a variety of sports and lifting weights. Many people think that they need to be quite fit before they can even begin lifting weights, but it is an activity that can help shed pounds while also increasing muscle tone.

To start seeing results, individuals should plan to lift three times each week. This amount of lifting generally proves rather manageable without becoming overwhelming. During each of these sessions, individuals need to focus on a full-body workout, which means one or two exercises per muscle group.
The major muscle groups include the core, the shoulders, the chest, the back, and the lower body. Resources like are great for identifying appropriate exercises, although individuals can also opt for a pre-fab program that comes from a trusted source. A great rule of thumb for these exercises is performing 10 repetitions each for three or four sets.

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