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A Look at IBM's Latest Flash Arrays

Evan Loring

· Technology

As senior manager at MSDI in Pembroke, Massachusetts, Evan Loring manages annual budgets for large enterprise corporations in the IT sector. Evan Loring also closely follows trends in big data and flash storage solutions.

As part of its FlashCore line of products, IBM recently announced three new flash arrays built directly onto its boards. Providing minimum latency of 250 microseconds at more economical price point than pre-built solid-state drives, these products are designed to manage large amounts of data, particularly at cloud data centers and providers.

Here's a brief rundown of the new arrays:

IBM DS8888 is an all-flash flash mainframe system for large operations that use enterprise servers, power systems, and z systems.

IBM FlashSystem A9000 is a parallel-grid array that self-tunes to new configurations. It also allows administrators to manage 100-plus units from one single interface. This system begins at $1.50 per gigabyte.

IBM FlashSystem A9000R is an integrated rack array that pushes up into petabyte territory. It offers most of the same features as the A9000, but in a rack configuration.


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